How to Race a Six Speed Corvette

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October 15, 2003

How to Race a Six Speed Corvette

There will always be people on this planet who thrive off of racing. Racing usually gives people a sense of freedom at times, and also great excitment. The thrill that it sometimes brings to some people can, bring terror to others and this would not be something that those people should be reading.

To begin, the driver must have a pair of shoes that have a flat surface, because a Corvette is a manual. They need to be flat in order to get the best grip in the clutch. We are going to set this in a quarter mile scenario. The driver will first begin by moving past the water a slowly, getting the tires wet. Once past the water, come to a stop. With the left foot engage the clutch, shift into first gear give approximately 3 to four 4,000 RPM's and pop the clutch, by moving the his foot to the left very quickly.

This action will begin to turn the drivers car tires very rapidly, thus causing your tires to get very hot, and sticky. The driver will now stage the car. Staging your car is very simple, but can sometimes be hard for some people. There is a light tree, having two yellow lights, three green, and one red, in case there is a fault. When you stage up, you have to make both yellow lights light up. The first one indicates that you are in the area of stopping, and the second is only about five inches ahead, which tells you when the second one to light up, to stop. Once you are staged up there is going to be about a fifteen second wait. This is where the racing begins.