Racial profiling occurs when officials target a certain group of

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Racial profiling occurs when officials target a certain group of people of color, ethnicity, nationality, name or religion. While racial profiling existed prior to 9/11, the recent attacks have sparked controversy over its effectiveness in preventing future terrorist attacks over the U.S.A., Canada and other countries. Due to the following attacks that took place persons of color in general and Muslims in particular become targets of discrimination violence, and racial profiling. Many were detained by the law enforcement agencies, even though most of them had nothing to do with the attack that occurred.

Another issue of racial profiling that has been occurring here in Toronto among the blacks in our city. Its almost as if police is being more aware and controlling as to what black people do then white people. By this we can see that many people of color have been categorized into being like this because of certain acts that other blacks may do.

Everyone is quick to judge any other black person. Without giving them the chance to prove them wrong. I'm not quite sure but this is almost what I understood from the article from the Toronto Star. As individuals wheatear we are black or white we should all have the chance to live a life with out being categorized or attacked because of our skin color. Epically being able to live with out any assumptions from others.