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I think everybody has heard about segregation. We all know about how everybody used to say separate but equal is okay. I think that racism is still going on today, even though it isn't as obvious. It's a disease that a lot of people have, which we must find a cure for. It's a little harder to cure than the common cold though, but I think that it's just as bad as it used to be.

The first example of racism is when they are going to the trial in the book, To Kill A Mockingbird when Scout, Jem, and Dill are going to the trial and trying to find a seat in the balcony it says, " . . .and steered us gently through the black people in the balcony. Four Negroes rose and gave us their front-row seats." (Lee 164) This is a good example of racism because it shows that blacks had to stand if whites wanted to sit down.

So it shows segregation. Another quote is, "The colored balcony ran along three walls of the courtroom. Like a second veranda"¦" (Lee 164) This says that there was still a lot of segregation because it was just a "colored balcony". That's the only place blacks were allowed to sit or they could stand in the back. One more quote that I have from the book that says racism was, and still is a problem is, "But around here once you have a drop of Negro blood, that makes you all black." (Lee, 162) I really think that this is a strong quote, because I think that it's true. If someone doesn't like one group of people and then they find out that your slightly one of them. They automatically push you away. My reasoning for them doing...