Raisin In The Sun

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Drama Analysis WC: 609 Raisin in the Sun I will be writing on the five major characters in the story ?A Raisin in the Sun.? In the story all of the characters are different in there own ways but are all very much the same. In the story the five main characters are Lena Younger, Walter Younger, Joseph Asagai, Ruth Younger, and Beneatha Younger.

First I will start with Lena Younger, who is better known as Mama throughout the story. Mama in the beginning of the story is the head of the Younger household, she later lets her son Walter be the head of the house after she realizes that she is stopping him form being a man. Mama is the one that if anyone has a problem or need advise they go to for help. Mama is a proud, strong, independent black woman. Mama reminds me of the character in the television show ?Mama?s House? because nothing happens without her knowing and no big decisions are made without them first being heard and approved by her.

Mama is also the main character of the story, the story mainly follows the things that she does and wants to be done. In my family everyone listens to my grandmother and she does not even live in my house.

Walter Younger wants to be the man of the house, but he cannot in the beginning because Mama thinks that things should be done her way. All Walter wants to do is be a man, someone who can support his family without needing any help from others and be able to have his dreams come true. Walter in my eyes is someone I would consider a man?s man because all he tries to do is make a better life for his...