Is Random Testing the Right Way to Combat Drug Abuse by Athletes?

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Bill Fralic and Alan L. Sack analyze their thoughts on the issue of random testing drug abuse by athletes. Bill Fralic, an offensive guard for the Atlanta Falcons, believes that random testing is the only way to stop the use of illegal drugs. Alan L. Sack, Honors Program chairman at the University of New Haven, believes that random testing is humiliating, inconvenient and it violates privacy to the athletes that are drug-free.

Although both writers disagree on the view of random testing, they do agree that drug abuse is a problem among athletes. For example, Fralic asserts that "there are players who justify drug use." Fralic is saying that athletes believe that it is alright for them to use drugs as long as they have a doctor monitor their use. "There is no responsible use of drugs in sports," states Fralic. Likewise, Sack says that something needs to be done to "address the problem of substance abuse."

In other words, both writers agree and state clear points that some type of action must take place to solve the problem of drug abuse.

What should be done to resolve this issue? That is where the disagreements between the writers take place. Fralic considers random testing as being the right way to combat drug abuse by athletes. "I believe drug use is rampant," says Fralic. He believes that it is unfair to the other athletes and that "random testing is the only way to stop the drug abuse madness" Fralic's main point is that without random testing, athletes will keep cheating the system. Today, athletes are warned ahead of time for when they will be tested. This lets the athletes adjust their schedule for when they should or should not use drugs to keep from getting caught. However, if drug testing...