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These two artist are different people but they are two people doing the same career and doing what they love. Jay-z and Nas where both brought up different but they both came out the ghetto. Jay-z used to Hustle, "to sell drugs," and Nas didn't. He just had to do anything to get out the ghetto. Their music is a reflection of everything they did in their life or seen. Jay-z is a type of rapper to make a song for a party, and have it sell 2x platnium. Where as Nas would just put out a record that only if you listen to Hot 97.1 FM you would hear it.

The both of them are male so they have to show who the toughest, who the roughest, and who is better. Since they don't want to kill each other they want to destroy each others careers. Jay- z started to debut his career in 96 and came out with 6 albums ad Nas which debut in 91 only has 5 albums.

These two artist have total control of their career but I think Jay-z just has a better hold. All of thse thing influence what type of music they are going to put out for people to listen to. The two artist relate by both being in the music industry, both coming out the ghetto,