Reaction Paper for Human Services

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Reaction Paper # 3

Definition: Goodness benefits all the people of a society equally and fairly, and equal opportunity for all. Justice prevails through goodness, and will override evil.

Motto: Justice and Equality for all. Goodness rewards all. Together we work as a whole for the benefit of all.

Social: Each person has the same power and society level. No one is more powerful or better than the person, all people are created equal to serve upon this earth for a purpose. Finding the purpose is the hardest task for some. Everyone has strengths and goodness within oneself.

The society will bring these things to the surface. The goodness of a person will benefit themselves, the community, and the society. The justice from the goodness will prevail because goodness overrides the evil. Evil can surface but will be replaced by goodness and evil put back in the depths of where it should stay.

Once a society is placed on the values of goodness it will become a constant strength for the society and with constant usage, become a social norm for the society.

All of this society would have an input into discussions of their community and volunteering would be a requirement for each adult. Volunteering benefits the service as well as the person who is volunteering, requiring volunteering in human services, religion, elderly and youth, as well as organizations such as Red Cross, United Way and etc. A contribution to a society makes the society better as a whole with offerings of goodness for all. Majority of people want goodness in their lives and in their environment, evil can be kept in check by peoples behavior and help from a society. Evil usually arises when people have been done wrongly in society or society has put them down according...