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Stein, Joel (2003). "Root Canals Are Better With a Foot Massage." Time, 155


The article concerns the lack of dentistry visits in America today. Dr. Lorin Berland's, a dentist in Dallas, believes he may have found a solution to this problem. He thinks dental appointments should be less about pain and drilling and more about relaxation, foot massages, and soothing aromatherapy-composing a spa-like experience on dentist visits. This idea soon spread to an increasingly number of dentists all over the country. In the new millennium, Spa dentistry was invented and is becoming popular in offices from coast to coast every year. While getting teeth cleaned, patients can receive paraffin-wax hand treatments, watch their favorite movie, quiet their anxiety by the scent of flowers while a licensed massage therapist eases the tension from muscles.


I found this article extremely hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing at the thought of participating in activities such as: surfing the Internet, watching DVD's, or a full body massage while having my regular checkups or even a root canal! The possibility of comfort at the dentist office with all that action going on would be zilch for me! I couldn't even begin to imagine sitting in the patient chair checking my e-mail, watching Dazed and Confused, or having a musses work out the tension in my back with my mouth wide open and drool streaming down my chin.

Fist of all, the author describes the activities that take place in the "Spa Dentist Offices" very intensely. He tries to persuade the reader to agree that this is the perfect place to be on you dentist visits. Sure, being squired to and pampered might sound all right to the average person, but what he fails to mention, most importantly, is the cost of each visit.