This is a REAL description of the North and South American Indians.

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Many people today think the Indians of North and South America were all ravaging heathen idiots, while this is partly true; many of the Indians are indeed a big part in our culture today. These Indians weren't just people that went around scalping people capriciously. The Indians were in reality very graceful. If one were to take a second glance at these Indians, they would probably find out more than they thought they perceived.

Admittedly, many Indians were in fact brutal warriors who didn't know how to do anything but cause total devastation. That is not the point though; the point is to understand the rest of the Indians. These Indians still had some intelligence left in their brains. Some of these Indians knew how to write, some of them knew how to invent things, and some of them even knew how to paint with whatever they could. These Indians also had the gift of music.

The Indians knew how to create different kinds of inspiring music for the delight of the ear.

The Indians way of thinking was very different, but their ideas were not unheard of. Many people liked what the Indians offered back in those days. The Music was said to have been to be like the Greeks music. The Greek's music was mostly dedicated to the gods or to famous poets like Homer, and the Indians dedicated their music to their gods and leaders. The Indians minds weren't so different from our minds today. Of course they had different opinions about many things but they were not mindless dogs. Many things about the Indians were very strange and unexpected.

The Indian tongue was very elegant in itself. There were all kinds of different tribes that spoke different ways all together. The Indian speeches were also different...