"The Real Inspector Hound" Commentary.

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"The Real Inspector Hound" is a play, with a murder mystery plot, drama, betrayal, and love thrown in to make it one big comical, over the top, production. Everything about it is so cliché, yet as it is sort of making fun of different stereotypes, it makes it so unique and extraordinarily over the top. The characters are larger than life, which one would suspect to be predictable, but is not at all. There is a simplicity to the ideas and the actual script, yet is made ironic and eyebrow raising when scenes are ironically reused, and repeated, unclear if intentional or unintentional- Moon joining into the scene acting Simons part, with the already recited dialect-. There is such a comedy in the idea of making fun of a serious detective, murder mystery plot, for example there is a dead body which lay on the ground throughout the play.

The play begins with a pause, as the actors Moon and Birdboot chat before the show. We quickly learn that Moon is a replacement to a man named Higgs (who isn't present this evening). Birdboot and Moon are sitting on stage but being the audience, and there is a mirror facing the audience, so the actors are the audience, and the audience are seeing themselves. I like this idea a lot, it is very intriguing, it is rare to find plays which such a unique opening (as the opening is very important, to catch the audiences attention from the start). None of the character are ever fully known or figured out, you're left wondering. The fact that Magnus is Albert, and Simon has been leading a double life, which ironically enough Moon has been doing the same when he plays Simon. The play is full of nuances, and surprises.