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Reality TV is Ruling its Viewers Lives and Setting a Bad Example for Our Children. Why I Disagree With the Article ?Young Adults Learn From Reality TV? (Shearer Parker, p. News pg. 11a) Reality TV is dominating the television we watch. Every month or so there is a new Reality TV show released or a new series of an old Reality TV show. Shows such as Big Brother in its 7th season back in the UK where it originated from. Reality TV shows just seem to be getting bigger and sometimes a lot more dangerous and risqué to lure viewers, but at what cost? In the article ?Young adults learn from reality TV,? Kimberley Shearer Parker states how Reality TV is setting good examples for the youth of today. I disagree with this article and intend to prove that Reality TV is setting really bad examples for our children.

Kimberley Shearer Parker believes that Reality TV shows such as MTV?s Real World and The Osbournes set good examples for today?s youth.

Viewers watching Pedro Zamora die of AIDS in 1994 on MTV?s Real World and the Sexual Misbehavior on Fox?s Temptation Island and Are You Hot apparently help the youth of today learn about the consequences of sexual intercourse. Also a person such as Frenchie, a favorite to win on Fox?s American Idol was expelled because they found out she appeared on an internet pornography site. Apparently these kinds of instances help kids to realize the consequences of these kinds of actions.

In my opinion, these programs are going too far in their quest to be entertaining. How can they set a good example to the youth of today about morals when many of the people partaking in these shows have few morals of their own? I often watch these...