Reality of Online Dating

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14 September 2010

Reality of Online Dating

Online dating- the use of internet services designed to facilitate interactions between potential romantic partners has become a common practice for many. Many people go through their lifetime struggling to find "the one". A person realizes this, and the idea of an internet dating site seems ideal. Internet dating sites provide what they think are a safe and shameless setting for people to look for matches and reveal secrets and emotions without fear of ridicule. As Brian Williams writes in his essay Enough about you, "Diaries once sealed under lock and key are now called blogs and posted daily for all those who are to make the emotional investment" (Williams 450). However, people are starting to realize the dangers which internet dating sites propose. The biggest concern among internet daters is that people have too much initial trust in someone they in fact do not truly know.

People who are discouraged because they cannot find love in a natural setting turn to these dating sites. "It is now possible-even common-to go about your day in America and consume only what you wish to see and hear" (Williams 450). Internet dating sites has gained popularity but unfortunately so have the dangers and disturbing stories some have encountered.

The anonymity of public internet dating sites has become a new breeding ground for con artists, a new and exhilarating playground for scams. It had been recognized that online relationships do initiate through the internet and can move effectively offline (Whitty). The question in mind is how do individuals go about presenting themselves in cyberspace? As Whitty writes, the two aspects of self that are important when concentrating on the development of relationships is - 'true' selves and 'actual' selves (Whitty).