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In today's television programming, there seems to be a trend towards more reality shows. Ever since the premiere of the show Survivor, it became extremely popular and each season, newer reality-type television shows start to air. Survivor prompted network producers that the public like to see real people doing real stunts and real action. The dangerous stunts and overreacted drama in these shows are really catching the public's attention and keeping them entertained. It intrigues the public because it has real people doing things that the people at home would never even think about doing. From that, I can assume that reality TV is entertaining for one reason, and it is because it shows everyday people doing something that they would not normally do.

The first show is "Fear Factor," which is unique out of all the shows because it has contestants eat strange things. The show is hosted by Joe Rogan and it includes people doing not only dangerous stunts, but also eating unusual things.

Each episode would consist of stunts but also a twist, one stunt is to eat something very odd. From what I have seen, some of the astonishingly gross things are: buffalo testicles, fish eyes, goat eyes, cockroaches, potato bugs, rotten cheese, and earthworms. The eating of these insects may have been influenced by Survivor or it may have not. The show basically challenges the contestants both mentally and physically using stunts from eating bugs to holding onto a rope as a boat drags you down the lake.

Secondly, on "American Idol," people never thought that you can be voted into fame. Normally stars are born and/or discovered, but in this case they are voted on by America. Contestants are interviewed and judged by a panel of judges that decides whether or not...