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Anh Nguyen

Zaiman Khan

ESL 51

December 4, 2012

Second Draft

Reality T.V. - A Negative Side of Mass Culture

"What will you do tonight? I can't wait to watch the next round of American's Next Top Model." There are many versions of Reality T.V. from different countries such as Britain's Next Top Model or Vietnam's Next Top Model. Watching Reality T.V. has become a habit of many people all over the world. The supporters of Reality T.V. believe that it is a fair reflection of mass culture. It is intrinsically fascinating to see how people speak and behave in unusual situations. However, the majority are against Reality T.V. because it is vulgar and shoddy. It is often cruel, exposing the participants to gross humiliation for amusement. The debate about the positive and negative impacts of Reality T.V. is still vehement when both sides show strong demonstrations to protect their ideas.

Reality T.V. is not worthwhile entertainment.

First of all, Reality T.V. causes participants to lose their privacy. Through real stories, the idea of Reality T.V is to make the audience know other problems. By creating entertainment or sympathy, all the secret stories and personal details will be publicly exposed with the idea of showing the "reality" of the society. Besides, the support of media and newspapers has contributed to showing more private information. As we know, Susan Boyle became famous after one-night from Britain's Got Talent in 2009. She was praised and admired by millions of people from all over the world. However, her life was changed after that Reality T.V. show. Everything about her personal life was a hot topic for the media to exploit. She couldn't handle it and was depressed for a long time. In short, Reality T.V is...