Who Really Wrote Shakespeare? Shakespeare Did

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The question on who really wrote Shakespeare's work has been on debate for more than three centuries. And it still continues on today. Yet, the truth was always there: William Shakespeare. The arguments stating that Shakespeare isn't Shakespeare are rubbish. The facts that he had shallow education and there are no letters or records left of him don't prove that he isn't the author but are just reckless theories that lack sound support. Inventors of such false theories also came up with a myriad of candidates to replace him. The two major runners, Edward de Vere (17th Earl of Oxford) and Francis Bacon- a philosopher and a writer- can be proved to be just another nonsense made by the anti-Stratford.

One of the major criticisms of Shakespeare is that a man who only got a primary education from a small grammar school cannot possibly have the background knowledge to have written works of such depth.

However, here is the fact: a true genius shapes himself. The notion that "you have to go to Oxford to be a great writer" is not only silly but dangerous as well (Bate in Chua-Eoan). Being the son of a middle class family, Shakespeare would have gone to a grammar school. In these schools, they offered the basic educations in Latin. These includes oratory and letter writing in the style of characters form classical myths and history. (Chua-Eoan) Then again, it is really hard to imagine that such great works were done by a person who only went to a grammar school. Instead of going to prestigious schools like Oxford, Shakespeare read a lot and widely. Some even go as far as to state that "London's book-shops were by necessity Shakespeare's working libraries and he must have spent a good many...