Reasonable Accommodation by Employers As required by the Americans with Disabilities Act

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It is extremely important that DWI pay close attention to regulations and laws, in some cases it is hard to decipher where a company or business may go wrong with the many laws of the land. One area that is far from being overlooked is that of our disabled Americans. DWI must understand what our disabled Americans face and what they are entitled to in order to better accommodate them within our business. Americans that live with disabilities have had to face many daily issues in their lives at work, public establishments, and by transportation providers that a common individual would not have to endure. As a result of the many Americans that have found it hard to go through the daily trials of being disabled in a fast paced world like that of the United States, an act was created to extend the civil rights of Americans with disabilities.

On July 26, 1990, President George Bush signed the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) (P.L. 101-336), which extends civil rights protections to individuals with physical or mental disabilities in the following areas of Employment (Title I), Public transportation and state and local government services (Title II), Public accommodations (Title III), Telecommunications (Title IV), and Miscellaneous (Title V) (Boston University, 1997). Each of the five titles of the ADA take a full view of what disabled individuals face as it attempts to level out the difficulties in a fair manner across the country for both physically and mentally disabled Americans to live as normal of a life as those individuals that are not disabled.

The Human Resources department of DWI along with all management echelons should pay close attention to the Title I of the ADA, as it provides direct guidelines as to what employers may not do. Title...