“Reconciliation amongst Fathers”

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"Reconciliation amongst Fathers"

Poetry can be a very descriptive way of portraying ones feelings about anything. Such examples could be politics, preference of sexuality, religion or even family. Fathers however seem to be a very important expression that a lot of poets convey their feelings towards. In a series of poems (Forgiving my father, Those Winter days, My Papa's waltz, and His Stillness) , the authors hint that their journeys with their fathers were a sense of something to look back upon as a way to reconcile. As such, these poems correlate with each other in many ways. However each and every poem has their own meaning.

The similarities of these poems are easily portrayed through the author's state of mind when remembering the past becomes the reason for moving on with the future. For example, in "His Stillness" Old's is reflecting upon her own life as well as her fathers as written "At the end of his life his life began to wake in me".

What she meant was that only when her father showed a repressed action to the news he had received about his inevitable death, was she able to see a different side of her father. A side that allowed her to see that he was not just a drunkard but that he also had dignity as a man, giving her a different understanding of his life. Also, not only did she think of him differently but when her father passed, the author had a revelation that allowed her to forgive her father and help alleviate the animosity she had towards him.

Just the same as Old's, in "Forgiving my father", Clifton shares a similar tone and burning feeling towards her father. As well as in both situations,