"The Red Room" by H.G.Wells.

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The Red Room

By H.G.Wells

How does the writer create and build tension in this ghost story?

The writer immediately creates a sense of mystery by the title, "Red Room." Instantly it makes the reader ask questions, "What is the Red Room?" This introduces the tension, as red could be connected with danger, fear or maybe even blood. The title makes the reader want to continue reading, urging the reader to find the answers and explanations to the mystery already built up.

The first line is direct and straight to the point in telling the reader that this is a ghost story. The writer opens the short story with,

"'I can assure you,' said I, 'that it will take a very tangible ghost to frighten me."

The young man is portrayed as a very confident, fearless character, a non-believer in ghosts, or spiritual figures. I assume this by the use of the word "tangible."

The mood is being built up here by the word "ghost" giving an eerie atmosphere already in the story. When I read the word "ghost" I immediately recollect the classical ghost story images, setting the typical horror story scene in my mind, of the castle and what to expect.

The main character; the young man, is referred to in first person narration, this gives a sense of mystery in its self. Making the reader think that he is and the part he has to connect him with this castle.

In the opening page, the writer builds extreme tension in his description of the elderly people. H.G.Wells cleverly creates a spooky atmosphere in the way he introduces the old people into the story. Instead of introducing by names, they are introduced by an inhuman, gruesome feature of their appearance.

"....said the man...