Redressing the scars of Port Arthur

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The article refers to the gun massacre of Port Arthur by Martin Bryant ten years ago. This Headline of the article catches my attention because if there was anything to do with Port Arthur it would remind me of the horrific, killing spree that captured Australia's and the world's attention at the previously known town for its historical significance.

My first impression upon looking at the photos was that the woman in the main photo looked like she might be defending Martin Bryant by protesting that he was insane at the time of the killing. Her eyes are wide eyed and appear to be defensive. Her mouth is pursed, as if she is defending something or arguing a point. The hands are open and not aggressive. She is gesturing and moving her hands as if trying to plea and make a statement the photo is a medium close shot of her sitting down.

In actual fact the photo is the journalist who had investigated the lives of the victims after the massacre.

Another photo shows a picture of Bryant who looks to me like he might be in his late teens. I would say that the photo portrays him as a normal and angelic looking guy. He has long blonde hair and his simple white shirt and pale face give him an innocent looking appearance.

A different snap shot is a long shot of a grieving father and husband looking down on a temporary memorial by a roadside marking where his wife and two girls were slain on that fatal day. He is wearing a dark suit with his face focusing on the memorial. His hands are in his pockets and even though you can't really see his face you can see that he is deep in thought. One leg...