Reduce Crime Rate

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Reduce Crime Rate


Reduce Crime Rate


The issue of crime within society has been a problem for many centuries past. There has always been cause for punishment of offenders, but only recently has prison become the main institution for doing so. "Until the 18th century there were numerous methods for punishing crime, many too gruesome to be considered using today" (Siegel, 2008, 382-383). A crime is a serious offence against the public law. It is a problem that many countries throughout the world face today. It is not solely an economic concern but it's a reflection of society's political and economical issues. In order to find a solution to this problem you must understand a countries political history and what was the role that politics played in its historical economy. Throughout these suggestions, paper will focus on a few topics that can reduce the crime within the United States.

The crime rate will defiantly reduce if the political sector and the government of the country would take a closer look at those deteriorated social issues that exist. Current $1 million budget will be helpful in reducing crime rate if it will utilize properly and spend on those areas which are highly considerable.


Crime is a contagion that is contaminating present's international society. In the America the issue of crime has increasing to the vanguard of communal and political matters due to the recent elections. This problem of crime does not affect just the United States but it is a hot topic in many other nations of the world. Crime is not a problem that can be addressed by individuals, but by ruling governments. The issue of crime is inextricably linked to the government. The government is the body responsible for creating laws.