"With reference to relevant literature, analyse the impact of managing diversity effectively and upholding individual employee rights in International hospitality and tourism organisations."

Essay by ankitmanchanda March 2009

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In today's society every organisation needs to be actively part of diversification as argued by different authors of HRM. This essay seeks to identify whether or not diversity management and individual employee rights have a positive impact on the International hospitality and tourism organisations by critically evaluating the arguments put forward by the writers in the academics. The approach taken by the author is to first discuss and find out whether diversity and employee rights is more than just a slogan and then discuss its advantages and disadvantages with respect to hospitality and tourism organisations.

Workforce Diversity is the new buzzword in today's world to provide a competitive advantage in a fast changing market. The basic concept of diversity is not only about hiring from a global, diverse labor pool. But in its true essence, "a diversified workforce must have a representation from all sections of society, irrespective of difference in gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, caste, cultural heritage, physical ability and sexual orientation" (Effective Executive, March, 07).

A number of measurable benefits and important advantages have been attributed to managing diversity. According to Whites (1999) pg. 477 quotes "creativity thrives on diversity". This means when people of different cultures come together in a company increases creativity and innovation by the cross cultural affect brought in by the employees from different ethnicity. Creativity and innovation brings more alternatives and rich ideas which adds value and increases profit and productivity of the business. It also gains competitive advantage as the products and services become difficult to imitate and becomes USP's of the organisation (Lee, 2000). Other writers such as Cox (1992 pg. 34) describe diversity as 'better decision making, greater creativity, and innovation and more successful marketing to different types of customers'. As hospitality sector serves to a wide...