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Reflection After conducting these surveys with adolescents, teachers, and the parent of an adolescent I was not really surprised about any of their answers. When I first sat down and asked these questions I considered how I might have answered if the roles were reversed. When I got answers from the person I was interviewing I felt that the answers I would have given were about the same. I felt that overall their answers were typical, although some answers were a little striking.

In particular when I interviewed the adolescent female she answered that she felt that she should "attractive" I was taken back. This adolescent was very young in age and I thought that the issue of being attractive was something that was an issue in later life. I did not ask her why she felt this way because I did not want to make her feel uncomfortable.

I tried to remember what I was doing in at her age and I was not even thinking about girls I was more into my close friends and playing with them. I was amazed that this was an actual issue in a young adolescents life.

The teacher that I interviewed seemed very interested in his student's lives in and outside of school. He seemed to be concerned about their family and friends. Which to me makes sense because it can reflect in his classroom. I think that an interest such as this is good if it is not taken too far. I also appreciated the fact that this particular teacher said that understanding should be an important part of a teacher. He felt that he should understand what is going on in that individual's life.

Overall, I don't think that any of the students really stood out with the exception...