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The movie entitled Erin Brokovich depicts a lesson that teaches us on true leadership, persistency against odds; motivating people, purpose, passion, corruption and how to deal with people to respond. This film is based on a true story on the real scenario of events about a woman who have been down on her luck, a single mother of three children, divorce twice and fallen near into the brink of poverty. But instead of hitting rock bottom, she manages to get up on her feet and fanatically demanded a job at a law firm of Ed Masry who she feels indebted to her after failing her car accident case where she will not take no for an answer. Her fiery and stubborn personality wins her a place as an office clerk on the law firm and while working she uncovers a strange file of real estate documents which include medical records.

Curious as to why a real estate file would contain medical documents, she begins to research the case further with having to persuade her boss on the case. And with the turn of events that happens from being a small case turns into the largest monumental gigantic case of settlements in a lifetime.

The story goes on depicting the darkest aspect of the business world with PG&E as its center of attention on the dispute. The behaviors of PG&E exhibit issues that are unethical that is being practice in the business world thus damaging the image it instills in the portrayal in the actual light of reality. PG&E is a powerful billion dollar company; they are the giants in the industry that will trample on anyone who dares to cross with them, having money and powers are the evils of being shown. So from the...