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Dichromat (Chapter 3, page 66) is a person who is sensitive to black - white or red - green or blue - yellow and hence is partially color - blind. He or she can discriminate only between two colors - red and green or blue and yellow - and the colors that are derived from mixing these colors. Since I was eight years old, I have been reading Detective Conan, a series about a high school detective - Shinichi Kudo - who was hurt by Black Organization and turned into a six-year-old boy, and it became one of my favorite comic books. Adopting the fictitious name Conan Edogawa, Kudo comes to live with his friend's family, the Mori family, hides his real identity in order to investigate the Black Organization and helps the police and the Moris solve a lot of challenging criminal cases. One of his difficult cases is about a dichromatic father, who committed suicide and left his properties for his sons.

The father set up his locker's password as the name of his favorite picture drawn by his youngest son. He was a dichromatic person; therefore, he thought that picture was about a dark night even though it was about sunset at the beach. He named it "Silent Night." Two older sons, caring about money and wanting to get all of the money to pay the debt of their company, did not remember their father's favorites or sickness, so they could not open the locker. They invited Kudo to come by in order to help them open the locker, and while searching for the answer, Kudo met the youngest son, who always stayed closed to his father and took care of him. He told Kudo stories about his father and his brothers, about the father's sickness,