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Corporate Culture Paper"Corporate culture is a term used to refer to an organization's morals, values, business philosophy, customs, ways of operating, and internal work atmosphere" (McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2003). The concept of corporate culture is rather new to organizations. Instead of channeling energy into the business practices, organizations are concentrating on the values that describe the culture within the corporation.

"A corporation's culture can be its greatest strength when it is consistent with its strategies. But a corporate culture that prevents a company form meeting competitive threats, or from adapting to changing economic or social environments, can lead to the company's stagnation and ultimate demise" (Senn-Delaney Leadership Consulting Group, LLC, 2003). This paper's focus will be on defining the corporate culture within an organization and its approach to customer relations and social responsibilities.

Corporate CultureCorporate culture can be pictured as an iceberg. The "tip of the iceberg", or the "surface" of culture are the visible artifacts and observable behaviors, for example the way people dress, acts and the symbols, language, ceremonies the members share.

These elements however reflect only a small part of a deeper body of the corporate culture. This "body of the iceberg", is more significant and impacts the organizations working and represents the true culture. These invisible elements include the companies' underlying values, beliefs, practices and thought processes. It is this layer of culture that is most vital and is important when identifying an organization's culture.

Any culture in the world provides the same fundamental need for its members, the need of belongingness. It is to satisfy this reason that culture has evolved. An organizations culture does the same. Its participants feel a sense of belonging and have an identity associated with their company. And like any other culture, they soon become committed to their beliefs and...