Corporate Culture

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Most organizations today are working on changing the corporate culture within the company. With the evolvement of globalization most companies need to rethink how they conduct business. Larger corporations especially need to reengineer corporate policy, procedures, and processes to maintain stability and to improve overall corporate performance. Several large organizations have gone in the tank due to shady operations and stockholders are fed up with losing investments. Stockholder today will jump ship if they see a corporation is not meeting financial goals and customer expectations. With today's fragile marketplace and the talks of a recession on every news channel investors are not willing to risk today what they were yesterday. Corporate culture is extremely important for organizations today and this paper will describe how corporate culture plays a role in the organization's approach to customer relations and social responsibility.

Organizational ApproachMost organizations have implemented total quality management, diversity programs, and upgraded there overall benefit packages.

Other organizations may have restructured themselves, reengineered processes, and merged with other organizations but some of these organizations are not seeing or meeting forecasted results. "The good news is we're now learning more than ever about what it takes to achieve successful change in an organization and move people to dramatically higher levels of performance (Juechter, 1998)," but if an organization does not higher the right people and does not invest in the proper training to educate leadership, the corporation as a whole can fail. Corporations are starting to realize the validity and importance of corporate culture. "We are realizing that true success stems from the comprehensive effects of an organization's culture and rigorous, system-wide implementation of strategic change (Juechter, 1998)." The objective is to get to the heart and soul of the organization through a systematic approach that focuses on viewpoints, values, lifestyles, and...