Relationship Issues

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Relationship Issues

Counselling Session Critique

In this case the client had already seen the therapist for two sessions previously and in this particular session came with certain presenting issues. These issues were focused on a relationship that had recently started and the client wasn't sure whether the relationship was heading in the direction that she wanted. The goal of this session was to help the client gain clarity on the relationship and also on her role that she plays in it.

In the previous two sessions the therapist focused on building rapport, trust and also an understanding of who the client is. They also covered areas of confidentiality, filing and the legal responsibility of the therapist if there is any chance that someone may be in due harm. The other parts of these two sessions were focused on finding out the client's interests, experience in past relationships and a gentle overview of her past.

(Egan, 2002)

This is where the therapist gained insight regarding the client's history; some of this information helped the therapist paint a bigger picture of who the client is. This particular client is a fifty-six year old woman who has two daughters, one aged thirty-four and the other is twenty-eight. At the age of thirty-eight she divorced her husband of whom she was married to for sixteen years and for the last eighteen years of her life she has had a number of relationships with the longest lasting for three and a half years.

The therapist also found out that the client plays squash once a week and other than going down to the local pub to meet with the same crowd each week, she has no other group interactions. This is a woman who was living alone up until recently when her two daughters moved...