Relationship with Primary Care Physician

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With the realization that today?s consumer has access to the finest medical care in the world but often does not receive it, then one can see why patients have must carefully choose their primary physician.

Healthcare today is constantly becoming more driven by managed care (Korsch & Harding, 1997) and this is affecting the way patients are cared for. It is critical for patients to know what kinds of things to look for in a doctor and to know what doctors expect of them.

The purpose of this research project is to assist patients in finding the health care provider most suited to meet their individual needs and to develop and nurture a relationship with that provider.

It is believed that the patient-doctor relationship alone can have a tremendous healing power (Schwartz, Jimenez, Myers and Solomon, 1998). If so, it is clear why it is necessary for the lines of communication between the patient and doctor to remain open at all times.

There must be a comfort level that allows the patient to express concerns without fear of reprisal. There are many reasons that a person might need to seek a new physician. This could be a result of relocation, death of a primary care provider or simply unhappiness with the quality of care that is currently being provided. Regardless of the reason for searching for a health care provider it is important that patients know what needs they should expect to have met by the physician. This information can help patients to ensure that they are getting the care that they should expect from their physician.

When determining patient needs it is necessary to explore what types of things a patient should expect from his or her physician. A general rule that patients can utilize in assessing a physician...