Relativism vs. Empiricism

Essay by rolllkeabuffalo September 2014

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Knowledge for science is more empiricist, it is based on foundation, experience, data but there is also such thing as rationalism where for rationalists, experience is not the only basis for acquiring knowledge that maybe there is more to what we see and experience.

For rationalists, knowledge can be acquired through norms, culture, not just solely on data or experience itself.

As stated in the last post - (what is science?):

-> Science is knowledge,

-> Knowledge is power,

-> Power = Control

Knowledge is power but it is to be controlled - by capitalists

Knowledge will always be limited

Knowledge, which is derived from science, will always be relative and subjective because knowledge is based on truth.

Truth is relative and subjective because it is based on our own perception just as the example that the taste of the same food for different people are also different some would say that it tastes good while for others it is not, or the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", truth is thus not objective.

But there is objectivity in how society dictates for example the notion of what is beautiful, society states beauty is those who are thin - "thin is in" or those who have beautiful hair is considered beautiful, society corrodes ones perception.

Science is empirical it holds on to evidence and data and also detached experience as truth, it believes that knowledge and truth is objective, that there should be an established truth in order for knowledge to grow. For empiricists ones experience is considered and option or that it is biased,

In the view of rationalists, relativists however, knowledge is in fact subjective in a way that it does not only come from data, evidence and detached...