Religion, A Fallacy To Man-kind

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What is religion? The bible's definition of religion is an organized system of beliefs, rites, and celebrations on a supernatural power. Is there such thing as a supernatural power? This is a question I always ponder, therefore, my speculation and conjecture on religion increases everyday. In reality religion has been a destruction to mankind, a misuse of time and money, and has been educated by a fallacious bible.

Most religions are evil in my opinion. They have caused and continue to cause more wars, more hatred, and more fear than al the world's geological disasters put together. Presently in Ireland, protestants and catholics are killing each other for having different beliefs on religion. This destruction of mankind is no true religion. The only true religion is no religion at all. The list of killings committed in the name of religion would require a thicker book than the bible. Why is there sacrifice and risk on having a religion? People who will read this essay may not agree with me, but here in the U.S.

many people don't see this kind of destruction. Turn on your TV's, connect to the internet, or pick up your newspaper to read the truth about a so called "true religion." There is also a mental destruction religion provides to man. Religion brings fear to man, in fear of burning in the religiously make-believe "Hell fires." Hell is such a stupid vile concept, made up by greedy evil people in order to control the minds of human beings. Consequently, we suffer and believe we are doing wrong, but we are not. I believe it's because religion has brainwashed followers by the preaching of the concept of SIN. Unfortunately, priests meet their goals by having his followers seek comfort in religion. We do not need...