Religion: Moral Without God

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Moral without God

The age old question of whether good can exist without evil and vice versa is one that is expected to plague the world of philosophy. One would expect a true Christian to argue that God was and is the only good thing; however as a Christian and scholar I choose to argue the existence of moral in correlation with Christianity from the standpoint of history. I aim to prove that humanity overtime has shown that in the absence of God one lacks moral, as I simultaneously address how this issue increases the conflict between science and religion.

Prior to the birth of Christianity society was cut throat. Ancient Rome killed for sport. In fact gladiator shows were family events and used to desensitize the culture for the purposes of war. In the light of right and wrong how can anyone morally agree with taking their child to watch men beat each other literally to death? In this time period Christianity was a new religion and many Christians disagreed with the act of the gladiator games however they were forced to participate as such violence was the custom.

"Commodus' gladiatorial exploits were an idiosyncratic expression of a culture obsessed with fighting, bloodshed, ostentation and competition. Philosophers, and later Christians, disapproved strongly. To little effect; gladiatorial games persisted at least until the early fifth century AD, wild-beast killings until the sixth century." (Hopkins 1983) As quoted form the article published by Hopkins Philosophers contested the brutality of the gladiatorial games before Christians disproved.

Slavery was originally implemented by Christians who claimed that they wanted to save the heathen people of Africa by domesticating them. As inhuman and slavery is these "Christians" believed they were not only just in capturing and beating Africans and Indians a like but...