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A persons religious beliefs often pay a major role in shaping their history and culture. Not everyone practices the same religion. Some religious beliefs involve being Polytheistic and others may believe in only one God. There are a lot of different cultures and religions all over the world. The three that you will be reading about will be Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism.

The first religion is Christianity. The religion came around early in the Pax Romana. At first, Christianity was just one of the many religions practiced in the Roman empire. The religion grew rapidly and by 392 ad. it had been declared the official religion of the Roman Empire. As Christianity grew it reshaped the Roman beliefs. Christianity affected people in many different ways. One way was by a man name Paul. He had listen to a Jewish man named Jesus. He was a Jewish preacher who gathered people from all different villages and taught them the teachings of God.

He also claimed to be the messiah. Paul had spread the words of Jesus all over Europe. he promised those who believed in Jesus and followed his teachings they would achieve salvation or eternal life.

The second religion that was also in the Roman Empire was Judaism. After the Romans had taken over Palestine, where most of the Jews lived at the time, they made it into the providence of Judea. The Romans tolerated the Jews' religion and even excused then from worshipping Roman gods. And they did this because they didn't want to ruin the Jewish faith.

While Jewish priests struggled to preserve their religion, other Jews, called Zealots, had a different mission. they called on Jews to revolt against Rome and reestablish am independent Israel. The Jews believe that a savior or messiah...