Religious Experiences

Essay by starwars October 2006

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A religious experience is a memorable event, where an impossible thing happens, which brings forward an argument whether or not God exists.

In this essay I will examine particular issues that give a balanced view for the existence of God. I will use evidence to support these issues and analyse them incorporating other viewpoints.

If God is so good and powerful (omnipotent), why is there so much suffering in the world? This question, the so-called "problem of evil," is debated, partly because some philosophers believe that the available answers are inadequate and their inadequacy gives reason to deny the alleged existence of an eternally perfect, all-powerful, loving Creator. The following ideas, while they by no means end the discussion, do show a range of possible lines of response. Usually the discussion occurs as a debate, rather than as an inquiry toward greater understanding of the possibilities and limitations of religious thought.

1. Think of all the different reasons why things happen. Natural processes follow their course, and accidents happen in our world. A flood or a fire should not be thought of as an act of God.

2. Some suffering occurs as a normal consequence of our misuse of human freedom, violating--consciously or unconsciously--principles of health, sanity, morality, or happiness.

3. We must never imagine that this world is the best that God could do. There is a Paradise of eternal perfection wherein the will of God is done, as well as this evolving world in which human beings are invited on the adventure of becoming perfect. This world was not created to be a pillow. Suffering, actual and potential, is necessary for the development of a sublime faith and a noble character.

4. The work of creation has been shared with subordinate beings that are not infinite and...