Religious freedom in schools, yes or no?

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Religious Freedom in Schools, Yes or No?

Should religious freedom be allowed in our school system? Should the students and faculty members be allowed to express their faith in school? These questions have become a very hot topic in today's society. Everyone seems to have their own opinion and that opinion generally follows their own religious or non- religious bias. Students should have the right to decide for themselves what faith or belief system they will follow without any influence, either direct or indirect from the school system.

There are many stories and reports of faculty members and even students who have faced difficulty expressing their faith in school. For example, in Santa Barbara, California, a well-known principal, Craig Ritcher, of a local school in the community was punished by the district for expressing his faith. Craig was planning to attend the 52nd Annual Santa Barbara Community Prayer Breakfast, not knowing the conflict this would create.

He agreed to be placed in a video made to advertise the event. He stated in the video that he was a principal of a local junior high school and this led to a complaint by a school board member who said "Craig was in violation of the separation of church and state." After the conflict became known Craig sought help from the Alliance Defending Freedom association for his defense. ("Employees Punished For Expressing Their Faith.") Other teachers and faculty members face the same conflict every day, from people involved with the school that do not share the same beliefs.

How serious should we as humans be about one's religion? How far should we take it? Should one's religion prevent them from a degree they want to receive? At Baltimore County Community College it does. This school has been convicted of not allowing a...