The Removalists

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English drama investigation The Removalists


David Williamson is one of the best-known contemporary playwrights not only in Australia but overseas as well, as he has received many Australian and international awards as a playwright such as the 'British George Devine Award for The Removalists, 1971' (Famous Australian Playwrights). Williamson was born in Melbourne in February 1942, during the Second World War, and is the eldest of 3 children. Williamson spent his childhood in Bainsdale, a country town in Northeastern Victoria where he did most of his schooling. Williamson was brought up in a fairly sheltered, academic life however during adolescence years he suffered through bullying and pressure from his father to build a career in engineering, however Williamson declared in his biography that he had an obsessive interest in human nature and wanted to explore the lives of ordinary Australians. He discovered he had a secret desire to write but kept it to himself in fear of being thought odd or insane.

Williamson attended Monash University and studied mechanical engineering as his father wanted. After graduating he studied phycology as a postgraduate at the university of Melbourne. After working as a design engineer, Williamson lectured in social phycology in Melbourne from 1966-1972 and decided to become a fulltime playwright. After success in Melbourne he moved to Sydney and rose to fame in the 1970s when he wrote two plays, The Removalists and Don's Party, which established him as "The most sought-after playwright in Australia" (Australian playwrights, 1988). Throughout his career Williamson wrote for the stage, television and film, he also directed plays and films for himself and for other Australian writers. In 2005 he stated his retirement from main stage productions. Williamson now currently lives in Noosa, Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia, married to journalist Kristin Williamson with four...