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The Renaissance used very interesting instruments. The harp is one which is a stringed instrument that is played when sitting. The gamba similar to the cello, is a stringed instrument and is played while sitting and the gamba is placed between the legs. The duican is a woodwind instrument of the Renaissance. The bass crumb horn was invented in the beginning of the 15th century. Crumb horn means curved horn. The horn is blown at the top to create a sound. The violin is a stringed instrument and is played under the chin. It is played with a wooden stick and on one side is usually horsehair to make a sound.

There are some interesting composers in the Renaissance. Antoine Brumel was born in 1460 and he died in 1520. William Byrd was born in 1543 and he died in 1623, he was one of the best composers in his generation.

Jean De Castro was born in 1540 and he died in 1611, he is from the town or land of Liege. Josquin Desprez was born in 1440 and died in 1521. Josquin sang at a cathedral in his town. Some of these composers are one of the best in the Renaissance. All of the composers have made pieces of music and they tell others to play it with instruments or to sing it, mostly they want they want it played with instruments. John Dowland was born in 1563 and he died 1626, he died in one of the biggest cities today, London. Carlo Gesualdo was born in 1566 and he died in 1613. Gesualdo was the prince of Venosa. I think the composers should have been known more. The art was very popular in the Renaissance, I think that the music should have been known more known than art.