Report Based On How Human Resource Management Can Be Described As "New Wine in Old Bottles" (Guest 1987)

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The way in which human resource management is experienced and practiced is very much part of the managers role. Human Resource management plays an important role in the management of people within organisations. Human resource management emphasises on the control of the employees of the organisation, it would include things such as objectives for staffing, training and development, motivation and administration. These objectives form the foundation of the human resource activity and can also be referred to as the generic term .

On the other hand, there is a distinctive approach to the management of people, this has developed into the 'the human resource management' approach which is resource centred rather than in earlier years when it was more 'personnel management' approach . The journal of John Berridge illustrated the development of personnel management in Britain over four distinct periods; he examined the distinctions between personnel management and human resource management.

Human resource managers administer the contract of employment, which is the legal basis of the employment relationship. Management is the process of efficiently achieving the objectives of the organisation with and through people; these objectives would include things such as planning, organising, leading and controlling . These objectives would enable a firm to achieve their objectives.

ManagementOver the years the role of managers has become increasingly important. Human resource management is linked with the effective management of people within organisations. Human resource management is the integration of people with business goals and strategies and the people could be considered to be 'assets' who can be developed and utilised in the best ways . The main concern for managers would be to implement an effective human resource strategy.

There are 'harder' and 'softer' variants of human resource management. The 'harder' approach would be when the managers would look at a...