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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 1) After reading the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams, I have decided that I would have somewhat dull costumes and sets if I were to direct this piece. I would make them dull because I associate bright things with happiness, and this play in no way seemed happy to me. It seemed full of issues that some unfortunate people have to deal with everyday, so I would try to make it as real as possible. I would also not use very elaborate lighting. Maybe the occasional spot-light, but other than that just normal lighting, maybe a little bit darker than usual in some spots.

2) In this play I would want to be the character Maggie. I say this because I have always wanted to play someone who loves but is not loved in return. She goes to many lengths to attempt to make herself happy, but in the end none seem to work.

She has a very unhappy life, and I think playing her would be much different than playing my usual happy, ditzy and impressionable little girl.

Maggie has been hurt deeply but does not often show it.

3) Maggie reminds me of my cousin, Paula. Paula has been hurt deeply by her husband because he does not love her, but he still stays with her. They have a son, and he is horrible to him a lot of the time. He hurts Paula without a second thought, and sometimes even without realizing it. Paula is strong and has sometimes done dumb things to try and stay happy, just like Maggie does in the play.

4) One of the similarities between the character Maggie and myself are that we both know what it is like to love someone who does not return that love. The difference is that Maggie is actually in love with the person who doesn't love her, I just love them like an older brother. Neither of us are noticed by them at all, and if we are they look upon us with disgust. We both want desperately to be happy.

5) The character that has the most affect on Maggie is the character Brick. He is awful to her, and doesn't care whether or not she is happy. He looks upon her love for him with disgust, and sometimes refuses to believe that she actually might love him. He laughs at her a lot, and starts to become an alcoholic, even though he said he never would. Maggie even resorts to hiding his liquor to get his attention. He is a total jerk to her, but she doesn't fall out of love.

6) I liked the plot of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; although it did not make me feel good, like most of the things I enjoy to read, it does keep my interest. Also it was a good change from all of the happy, romantic things I usually read. It seemed real to me, like everything was actually happening at the same time, and I liked that. I would recommend it to anyone who is tired of reading sappy, happy books or scripts.