A report on Marie Curie.

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Marie Curie is one of the most notable scientists in the history of the subject. Her achievements were unprecedented, her accomplishments were innumerable, and her life was a model for all others to follow after her. Madame Curie not only took the world of physics and lifted it to a higher platform, but she brought along with it chemistry and mathematics, which she was equally adept at. Those around her marveled at her abilities and stood in awe as she held the world in wonderment of her sheer greatness in and out of the laboratory. Marie Curie was not just a great scientist, she was a great person.

Maria Sklodowska was born in Warsaw, Poland on November 7, 1867. She was the fifth and youngest child of Bronsilawa Boguska, a pianist, singer, and teacher, and Wladyslaw Sklodowska, a professor of mathematics and physics. Her life was destined to be filled with great success from the time she stepped through the doors of her grammar school.

She was envied by other students and became notable for her remarkable memory and learning ability. At the age of 16, she earned her first gold medal; she would be awarded 15 in her lifetime, for completion of secondary education at the Russian lycee. However, Maria had to put her education on hold as her lost his entire savings in a bad investment. Maria took on work as a teacher and at the same time, took part in a nationalist "free university," reading in Polish to women workers. In two years, she was appointed governess. She took her earnings from her work and used them to finance her sister Bronia's medical studies in Paris, on the understanding that Bronia would later help Maria to get an education.

Bronia fulfilled her promise to her sister in...