This is a report over alchol and alcholism.

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Beer/Alcoholism/and Alcoholics Anonymous

I would like to talk to you about Beer/Alcoholism/and Alcoholics Anonymous

First thing that I want to talk about is beer and how it is made. Beer is the

oldest alcoholic drink there is. It was made back in 4,000 BC. Today, the

world drinks about 30 billion gallons a year. Beer is made of yeast, water

and hops and some other ingredients. Beer has a 2-6 % alcohol content.

Manufacturers let the beer age for a minimum of two weeks and up to a

month to improve the flavor.

There are dangers of drinking and driving and there are also consequences.

Drunk driving happens everyday and every where. People chose to drink

and drive for a number of reasons. Sometimes people think that they have to

drink to be cool but that's not true. For one thing, when you drink and drive

you are endangering your life and the lives of others.

When people drink,

there judgement is clouded and their reaction time is slower. That is how

car crashes happen. You might not always get in a crash but it is not worth

the risk. Believe it or not, thousands of people die every day by drinking and

driving drunk.

Young people should not drink for several reasons. One reason is that if you

are under age and you are caught driving drunk you will be fined $70 to $80

dollars for the first time you are caught. The second time it will be twice as


When people drink often and drink a large amount, a drinking problem

often happens. It is known as "alcoholism" and it is a serous problem.

Another name for alcoholism is "alcolol dependence". There are many

symptoms of alcolol dependency. (1) is craving (2) is lack of control (3)...