Research and Describe the role of the Data Protection Legislation

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Describe the Data protection legislation and 4 - 6

what does it mean for the website?

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In this assignment I have been asked to undertake a project, which means that I have to research and describe the role of the data protection legislations for companies. The assignment scenario is as follows:-

Your new business has recently started to design a web page and your manager has come to you to find out what is the data protection and how it effects what they can put on their website:

· Research the area of data protection

· Describe the legislation and what does it mean for web site design

· Put together a two page document to hand to your manager about who controls Data protection and what they can and can't put on their website.

Describe the Data protection legislation and

what does it mean for the website

In this section I will be explaining the Data Protection Act and the effects it has on business and individuals. I will be in explaining this in generally terms.

While business systems are primarily designed and integrated to being logic and order into an organisation's activities, the overarching system must take provision for the legal requirements with which all business enterprises have to comply. The Data Protection Act was introduced to protect employees and individuals from unauthorised use or exchange of information held in computerised data banks, following upon the rapid growth of information technology applications business in the early 1980's.

Essentially, organisations that hold on computer data about employees, customers, patients, or students etc. Who are living and who are identifiable from the...