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For a moment, imagine that you are not yourself but instead a young boy or girl who has been left alone to endure the brutal abuse of your mother and father. You have been kicked, punched, thrown into walls and beaten to the point that you can no longer feel the pain of new wounds that have embed themselves on your flesh. You are scared and alone and have no clue as to why your parents show a constant anger towards you. What do you do, whom do you turn to, and what will happen if you cry out for help? Fortunately for you, someone near by has reported hearing screams and loud cries for help. You will no longer be hurt again by the hand of a troubled, angry parent. What you have just experienced are some of the feelings that a child must take on each day of their life in an abusive family.

When a child cries out for help, it does not go unheard. In cases such as these, child services are involved in the protection of a child who must be taken out of abusive situations.

"Emotional abuse of children ... is committed by parent figures who are in the position of the differential power that renders the child vulnerable" (Thompson & Kaplan). This definition given by the Journal article on Emotionally Abused Children is one of many that exist. Because of a sudden increase in child abuse, a clear definition as to what child abuse really is needed. This definition was given to provide professionals with a base of making decisions about emotional abuse. The study was brought about because there were concerns about whether or not Child Services were able to detect all cases of child abuse and neglect. In the study, those...