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In this response, I shall be discussing my thoughts and opinions on the book "Animal Farm." I shall give great detailed facts and answers to support them. I shall tell my feelings and reactions about the book and my favorite parts in it.

This book begins with the revolt of the animals against their cruel master was a great start to the book. It got me to keep reading more and more. The development of the government starts off providing the basis for the theme of this book. I liked it and found it interesting on how the animals set their own guidelines and system of work. I liked it very much when the animals fought off all odds in the battle. The whole establishment of the economy on the farm continued to foreshadow the theme and plot of this book.

What discouraged me were the development of corruption in the leadership of the farm and then the animal's easy forgetfulness of the past and total remembrance of the future.

The slander toward the two leaders, Snowball and Napoleon, was so true to the current day in politics and made me wanted to read more into the book. Throughout the whole book, I hoped for a revolt by the animals to help better their working conditions and life on the animal farm. This never happened leaving the animals trapped in poverty until another rebellion.

The theme of this book, in my opinion was that any animal is quick to look towards the future, but are slow to look at the past and catch the mistakes of there predecessors.

The whole book was basically based in the creation of the United States. Everyone was deserving of equal rights , but life went and the began losing those rights and had no power to stop it from happening. Only to sit and watch those rise to be a leader. The battle between the underestimated and unstained American army against the mighty British army in the American Revolution.

In conclusion, both the animal farm and the United States began with the same ideas and principles of equality for all and better conditions than they're past state in Europe and under the reign of Mr. Jones. It ended with the same problems and corruption with classes of people, judged on race and prosperity in business with the dumber animals and lower classed citizens in poverty and hunger. That is the image I think George Orwell was trying to send to all the citizens that read this novel.