Revenge... (The Child of My Brother)

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A slight breeze was rippling the curtains but it brought no air into the room. My shirt was drenched in sweat. Somewhere in town a church clock struck the hour. I counted the chimes: five. It was still night to most people, to those who slept at ease in their beds. I was not one of them.

Giving up the pretence of sleeping, I got up. Standing by my window, I noticed the moor across the valley, its crest a dark streak against the pale sky. The town, the moor, the house were all silent. It felt as though I was the only one awake in the whole town.

Then the pain took over. A slight one at first, but slowly increasing until it took over my whole body. It felt as though two giant feet kicking my stomach. I tried not to cry out in pain but the pain was unbearable.

As the hours passed by the pain slowly reduced to a tiny pulse. In every pulse rang the words revenge. The town below had woken up, as I looked down I remembered… …A faint knock was heard on the door. He had arrived, just like he always did. But today something was different about him. As he came closer, I could smell the alcohol on his breath. He came closer. He tied my hands to the bedpost leaving me helpless. Then he raped me. I felt nothing anymore; the anger and hatred had replaced the humiliation and pain I once felt… …That was one night he showed up in the room. That was when the pains had started. At first a slight headache, then the pain took over my stomach. He would pay for the pain he inflicted on me.

Night came, in the distance I heard his footsteps, footsteps that made me shiver in pain every night. But not tonight, tonight I would smell the sweet fragrance of revenge. The pale moon complimented the pale sharp knife that lay in my clutched hands. A knife I had carved with the help of the wall.

The door opened. I watched from the corner of room, he sat down on the edge of my bed, calling out. I came closer. Suddenly I lurched forward and plunged the pale sharp knife into his chest. Red was seen all over my satin blue covers. Leaving him gasping for breath, I walked out of the tiny room.

As I stepped out of the door, I felt the pulsing pain increase. Holding onto the door handle I though I was free from him, but I will never be free from his memories. for inside my womb grows his child, the child of my brother.