Review of Hunger by John White

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Hunger explores many issues apparent for both teenage males and females. In a major way it considers the way in which we stereotype single mothers, the issue of teenage pregnancy and the responsibility of the man in such situations. It also briefly touches on the impact of crime and the impact teenage pregnancy has on loved ones around them.


Zac is the main character. He is under eighteen and is desperate to break away from his home town of Silver Beach. His story focuses on his chance encounter with Mellisa and the events that occur while they are together. He is intelligent person who thinks on both sides of the argument. His attempt to help Mellisa and " daddy for a night." is a misinformed choice.

Mellisa is the girl who Zac meets at the bus stop. She has a young son and a uncommitted boyfriend. She is confused about her place in the world and angry at the way it treats her.

Sam Kirkby is the father of Melissa's child. He is a surfer who stays on the beach all day, every day. He is not supporting her and tries to keep his distance from Mellisa.

Bart is Melissa's child.


The setting is a sleepy coastal town away from the city. The story begins at a bus stop and finally ends at Melissa's house. It defiantly has a contemporary feel but no specific year is mentioned.


Zac, standing at the bus shelter waiting to get out of sleepy Silver Beach spots a stunner on the beach. She seemed to have an unusual amount of bags and belongings with her. She approached the bus shelter he was standing in and didn't say a word about him looking her up and down on when she was on...