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A Time To Kill A courtroom drama, full of conversation and debate, can achieve gripping effects and touch the heart of the audiences. Each and every character grabs a hold of the law and throttles it. Jake Brigance (Matthew McConaughey) helps Carl Lee Hailey (Samuel L. Jackson) to defend his accusation of murder towards two white guys who had raped and attempted to kill Carl's little daughter Stacey aged 10 at the beginning of the film. The difference of races has brought lots of arguments and fights between the oppositions. The film reflects what is really happening in the real world. It reminds people of the prejudice and the unfairness of treatment between the black and the white, of different races in our world.

The film is set in the town of Canton, Mississippi. The movie begins with the cruel rape and attempted murder of a ten-year old girl.

Her attackers are quickly found but, just before they are brought to trial, the girl's father guns them down and is himself put on trial for murder and attempted murder of a one-deputy. A simple story of revenge - except that this is the South, the murdered men are white, and the girl and her father are black. Thus begins a tale that might have been an examination of vigilantism, and might have been a story about the possibility of equal justice under the law for.

Carl Lee, the father of the violated girl, has planned revenge knowing that the boys will get off for being white, has told his defender Jake of his vengeance. As an officer of the court, Brigance might be expected to counsel Carl Lee about the inadvisability of such an act, and/or to warn the police of Carl Lee's intention. Brigance does...