Revolutionary Mothers

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My past history books and social studies classes provided the basis to my knowledge on America's past events, like the Revolutionary War. These books, classes, and even historians that I was accustomed to, only told about the men's part in wars like this, while women were extremely overlooked. In my opinion, the women had just as great of roles as the men did in this era.

As the troubles between the colonists and the British began, colonial women soon learned that they could be of great importance to standing up to the British king. With the Stamp Act in effect and taxes on all sorts of British made goods, the women began to boycott these goods to a great and powerful extent. They sacrificed not buying any more tea, which was a luxury they enjoyed very much and some even went as far as to say "no" to their fiancés because they did not want a stamped marriage license.

When the war between the British and colonists actually came, the men went to fight and the women had to keep going with their daily household duties all the while learning how to successfully carry out their husbands' jobs too. When these patriotic women heard that their men were suffering without much food and clothing, they went right to work and set up a system in which they raised enough money and supplies to make a huge difference in the war. This all seems hard enough, but most do not truly realize how strong these women were. Not only were they suffering emotionally due to their husbands and sons off fighting with the chance of not coming back, but they were maintaining a household for these loved ones to hopefully return too.

The Patriot women were a huge group of women...