Right to Die!

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I decided to do my reaction paper on the "A Right to Die?" article that I found of interest to me. I often heard about Jack Kovorkian and his movements but failed to understand the logic supporting his actions. Since the article sparked an interest about something I knew absolutely nothing about, I felt I had an obligation to seek additional research to fully understand this issue.

Assisted suicide advocates are usually those that support one's right to choose to die as an alternative choice to suffering and pain. Mostly senior citizens are those actively seeking to terminate their lives to bring about an ending to a satisfactory life. Sick and disabled seniors are more prone to assisted suicide than the average senior citizen who has no hope.

I now understand through this article that there is a social status that one must have in order to decide to live or die.

Acceptance by society is what is questionable. Many feel that it is up to the individual to make the choice and others say it is not morale to do so.

Physician-assisted suicide and related issues have garnered much judicial, media, and scholarly attention in recent years. Two cases have made it before the United States Supreme Court thus raise the issue of the legality of state laws prohibiting physician-assisted suicide. As the principle agency within the federal government charged with the responsibility of providing cross-disability policy analysis and recommendations regarding government programs and policies that affect people with disabilities, the National Council on Disability hoping to make a stance to curb assisted suicide.

The benefits of permitting physician-assisted suicide are substantial and should not be discounted; they include respect for individual autonomy, liberty, and the right to make one's own choices about matters concerning one's intimate...