Is it right to use marijuana as medicine?

Essay by vika June 2004

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In my experience I found that young people usually experiment with smoking marijuana. Marijuana becomes more popular in high school. In 1995 more than 16% of youth age 12 to 17 were reported to have smoke marijuana at the same time. By the college age there are 41 % of the students that have smoked marijuana at least ones. I think that even in Mesa College there are some students who involved in these habits.


If I ask someone who smokes marijuana if is it good to use marijuana some answers will be yes. Some people use marijuana for medical purposes like to reduce pain. People with sickness like cancer use marijuana to reduce vomiting, nausea, and gain weight. It lowers internal eye pressure, successfully treats muscle spasms. Someone can say it helps migraines relief.

From other point of view there isn't enough knowledge for safe recommendation marijuana for life threatening illness.

Of course, it has some value as an appetite stimulant, and it may be good to decrease nausea and vomiting for people with cancer. It may help their quality of life without risk. From the other side it is dangerous for people who have glaucoma or migraines to use marijuana as treatment all their lives because as a side effects it may make person to become drug dependent. It can cause health damage and even death to the user.

Problem solution

To treat drug abusers there are maintains and detoxification programs, therapeutic communities where people use group therapy over a long period of time as well as other alternative therapies. The best way to prevent drug abuse is to create the skills of saying "No". We must educate children about the danger of smocking marijuana. It is very dangerous for health.


We must get to...