The Ring of Gyges. Philosophy Essay on Society of today and how magical gifts would be used for evil in our corrupted society.

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The Ring of Gyges

The corruption of society can be attributed to human nature's continuous struggle for power. This is a predominant factor in why individuals become greedy, self-serving and cruel at the expense of others. If the Ring of Gyges existed today, it would most likely fall into the hands of the wrong person, who would use it to for self-serving purposes.

In the movie and novel, The Lord of The Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien, there is such a ring which is more powerful than all other rings created on "Middle Earth". This ring was created in the darkest depths of the Earth and no matter who posses it, it will always call to the powers of the dark side and wish to be associated with an evil master. One of the abilities of this ring is to turn the wearer invisible, simply by wearing it on the finger.

Frodo Baggins, who is on a quest to return the ring to its place of creation to destroy it, finds himself surrounded by evil that flocks to the ring. He is even forced to abandon his lifelong friends and companions, for fear that the very idea of the ring will bring them to a corrupt obsession with power. Even he, himself, has to fight the urges that the ring awakens in him. In all of "Middle Earth", there is not a soul who could ever use the ring's power for good. Because of this reason, it must be destroyed before falling into the wrong hands.

As observed from students in philosophy class, most would choose to use a ring with such powers for their own well being and entertainment. The thrill of not being held accountable for any such crimes or unjust actions is the main reason for desiring...